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Male Genital Torture Fantasies!

We recently had a roundtable of Mistresses and Dominatrixes who specialize in male genital torture and humiliation assembled to tell us some of their favorite CBT femdom techniques. If you dare to read, here are just SOME of their scorching replies:

Q: Mistress June, you mentioned one thing you loved to do to men's penises?
A: Yeah, the cock slap. I have a hard leather belt that I use to beat the living shit out of some sissy pig's fucking dick worm. I make them hold their little cocks in hand and then I walk around them whipping it... HARD!

Q: Madame Tate, what about you?
A: Binding! I truss up their cock and balls nice and tight until they turn bright red, then blackish-blue. They swell up nicely and then even just a pin prick or heel stab sends the male into spasms of searing pain. I love their screams! LOL

Q: Yikes! Miss Pale, dare I ask you?
A: Relax. I only like to stomp and crush a man's cock with my highest black heels! Of course it bleeds, but that's what the male sluts pay me for. I charge by the testicle smashed, hehe..

Confess it! You WANT Me To Torture Your Fucking Worthless Cock!

Q: Sister Mercy, your contribution?
A: Oh, by all means the ball kick. I wind up and let them have it right in the nads as fucking hard as I can! I swear you can hear them scream around the block - that is if my dungeon wasn't soundproofed! LOL!

Q: Mistress Framma?
A: I stick an electrode up their ass and then make them watch the sickest gay porn I can find. By applying the current to their prostrate I can make them orgasm and ejaculate at will. I get a video of them blowing their wads to some disgusting gay porn (disgusting in that the males in it are VERY fat and ugly) and then blackmail them. Works rather well. What straight man wants the world to see him shooting his load to video of fat guys sucking each other off?

I Want You To Call And Learn How I'm Going To Make YOUR Cock Suffer!

Q: Domina DeLores, let's hear from you.
A: My favorite CBT technique is orgasm denial. I tickle and suck his cock until I can feel his balls contract and that he's about to explode. I then clamp my hands TIGHT around his nut sac and squeeze the tip of his dick shut. I stop them just at the point of orgasm and tie their cocks off with a leather shoe lace. And it works! I've even had men pass out from the pain or vomit!

Q: Lady Harris, your turn.
A: I use a variety of methods, but the one I'm especially partial to is branding. I have a little set of branding irons with my name on them. I heat them up white hot with a candle and then brand the man's cock and balls with my mark. It's permanent and let's all others know this male bitch belongs to ME!

How about YOU? Got a worthless cock and want me to TORTURE IT?

Male Cock And Ball Torture Is FUN!

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